5K Run Course

You will start the race with the 5k run. You will start near transition and head north through the neighborhood of St. Marks. There will be one aid station on the course that both run loops will pass.  During the 5k you will pass this aid station twice, before the 1st mile and as you approach the 2nd mile.  You will finish running in where you started and headed towards transition.

20K Bike Course

The bike course will start heading towards the Riverside Cafe and then take a hard left turn on to Port Leon Drive and head north to Newport Road. At the end of Newport Road you will take a right on to Highway 98 and head East to the turn around point at the 10k mark. You will make a U-turn and come back the same way. There will be no aid stations on the bike course. Each intersection will have a Florida Highway Patrol car at it to help direct traffic and get everyone across safely. When approaching transition prepare to dismount your bike before entering the gravel/grass lot.

2.5K Run Course

The 2.5k run is last. Hopefully, you've saved a little in those legs to fly through this final 1.55 miles to the finish! You head out the same way as the first run leg. Watch for signs to tell you where to turn for the 2.5k since both runs cover some portion of the same course. Be careful and listen to the volunteers on the course. The same aid station you passed earlier will be there on the this course. The finish line will be located on the west side of transition as you run in.